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Furnishing solutions
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Furnishing solutions

27 March 2021


Do you ever find yourself confused about which market to visit to buy your curtains for the new home? Or maybe you went to a store hoping it would satisfy your cushion needs but got home tired and disappointed? Sometimes, we enter a showroom for buying the best displayed fabric for couch only to realise that it was way out of budget.

You can’t just deny that you haven’t been through one of the above mentioned situations! Well, we are going to take you on tour of some of the most exclusive furnishing retailers throughout Delhi NCR to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


It is no secret that this is the place that would easily answer all your needs for furnishing. It has everything from low range to the most exclusive range of furniture and furnishing solutions.

Stores we like –

  • Talwar Fabrics

    It is a three storey building with fabric solutions for suede, printed velvets and leather.

    The variety we have discovered here is great. They don’t offer discounts but their appropriate prices would make you realise that they don’t have to. When you think for upholstery, this is the place to visit.

    Our tip is – go for procuring the fabric in bulk

  • Nirmals

    This place has collections from all the different catalogues available for fabrics. They have in-house design team too so they display their own designs as well. For your curtains needs, we would highly recommend this store. The decor options they offer are great too.

    Our tip is – do not hesitate to ask for discounts here

  • Dreams Furnishings

    We found exclusive range of fabrics here. If you find yourself overwhelmed by too many ideas you found while browsing through the internet, this is the place you must visit. They have their own little setups done all along the store which might help you to be inspired and pick a particular theme for your rooms.

    Our tip is – you might want to be willing to spend a little on the higher end if you visit here

  • Furnishings by Swastik

    Owned by one of the loveliest owners, this basement store is tucked in a small lane. You would find good picks for upholstery in a great deal.

    Our tip is – make the most of being hosted by a sweet owner and ask for discounts

  • Velkraft Collections

    We realised that a hidden gem was found when we discovered this place. It has all your velvet solutions ranging from plain, printed to embroidered fabrics. They are located at Mehrauli Road too.

    Our tip is – do check out their quality variants of the fabrics for your light/heavy need


Not only is this South Delhi location a hub for institutes and fashion retailers but also a home for multiple furnishing solutions. Apart from the stores located here, you can find great deals for cushions, bed covers, and curtains if you are on a budget crunch, in the local market popularly known as the Central Market. The street has vendors and hawkers selling a wide range of options for home furnishing stuff.

Stores we like –

  • HomeSaaz

    Providing solutions to all your handloom needs this store is located all across NCR in areas like Rajouri Garden and M.G. Road.

    Our tip is – you might want to check other options if you are on a budget

  • Jagdish Store

    This place has all exclusive range of fabrics for upholstery, curtains. The collection is great here with the price range towards higher side.

  • Gopala Handloom

    One stop shop for all the daily home furnishing requirements. A great range of bed covers, bed sheets, duvet covers, comforters, quilts, rugs- all under one roof.

    Our tip is – a to-go store that always has great deals and discounts.


The IT hub of Delhi NCR is no behind when it comes to offering furnishing solutions.

Stores we like –

  • Sham Emporium

    They provide all home furnishing solutions from different brands under one roof. Not only are they known for their exclusive range but they also offer great customer service and hospitality.

    Our tip is – opt for this place if you are looking for great deals and discounts.

  • F&F

    If you want to visit a place to look for vintage themed fabrics, this is the store to be at. It offers great options for floral embroidered and printed fabrics too. You might find it a little overpriced with their service and making charges.

    Our tip is – you could always buy the fabrics here for production at your convenience

  • Sarita Handa

    Popular for its vintage and bohemian range of jacquard and printed fabrics, Sarita Handa has an exclusive collection of upholstery fabrics, cushions, bed linen and rugs. It has multiple stores across Delhi NCR. We recommend you to definitely visit a store near you to take a look at their the collection.

  • Fabindia

    If you are fond of Indian handloom and want your space to reflect the same, Fabindia is the place for you. With stores located across Delhi NCR, Fabinida showcases incredible Indian workmanship through its selection of home décor and furnishings. They have a wide variety of upholstery fabrics, curtains, rugs, natural wood furniture and handmade décor products to choose from.

Furnishing solutions

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